Now a days the term god is just used for our own convenience, we believe in God for our benefits. We have also divided the days for each god, but are unaware that God is supreme power, an energy which cannot be divided into days and captured in anything. Believing and having faith in God is good but not just for profits!!!

Hum sab alag alag bhagwaan ko jante hai 
Apne fayde ke hisaab se unhe mante hai,

Har cheez me humne apne fayde chate hue hai
Humne Bhagwaan ke din bhi baate hue hai,

Sirf mangalwaar ko hi aati hai hanuman ji ki yaad
Kya Allah jumme ke din hi sunta hai fariyaad?

Bhagwaan ki bhakti me bahut hai asar
Vo har din, har pal humpe rakhta hai nazar!!!

                                                                                    – Deepak Malhotra